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Introducing VCEasy

VCEasy Visual Physics Free Download PDF Student Book v1.1

It’s taken all weekend. My first version of VCEasy Visual Physics Units 1&2 is now ready for use in the classroom.

Visual Physics Units 1&2 is a set of concise, visual teaching notes. It contains all you need to know for VCE Physics, and nothing else. For teachers, it’s a whiteboard plan plus quizzes. For students, it’s a go-to resource for high-quality, primarily visual notes.

There also exists a teachers’ version, which contains lesson plans and worked answers to all the quizzes. This is available by request only.

During high school, I created similar notes for all of my subjects and tacked them onto my bedroom wall. I ate, worked out and daydreamed while staring at these notes. I obsessed about the layout and re-designed them several times. All that effort paid off: I got an ATAR score of about 99+ (four A-grades at A-level).

The Visual Physics project is designed to evolve, but to do that, it needs more input and more feedback.

Download it for free here or by clicking on the banner above.

All feedback is welcome. Enjoy :)

My Physics Alphabet Goes Pink!

My Physics Alphabet Poster Set of 4 in BLUE My Physics Alphabet Poster Set of 4 in PINK

The first three posters in the series were My Greek Physics Alphabet (which went viral on the internet), My First Physics Alphabet, and My BIG Physics Alphabet. They teach Physics notations in a kindergarten-friendly medium. The posters include B is for magnetic flux density, Q is for electric charge, I is for current and Z is for atomic number. They also include a few notations that make sense to non-physicists too, like “M is for molar mass”.

The fourth poster is called My Blackboard Bold Alphabet and features V is for Vector Space, J is for Irrational Numbers and H is for Hamiltonian Quarternions, along with more familiar notations, like R is for Real Numbers.

I hope this poster set encourages at least one young person to pursue math & science.

Click the banner to get your hands on these posters. They’re child-safe, laminated, and arrive flat with free shipping! Enjoy! ;)

My Physics Posters, with Free World Shipping!

My Physics Alphabet Poster Set of 4 in BLUE My Physics Alphabet Poster Set of 4 in PINK

Give your children a head-start in Physics with this set of four colourful Physics Alphabet Posters. Show them your love of Science and get them interested at a very young age.

They’re child-safe, laminated, and arrive flat with free shipping!

Click below to get your hands on a complete set. All major credit cards are accepted.


Enjoy! James :-)

Meet the Family!

Posters are now available in three sizes:

Poster Selection 3

Furthermore, I’ve re-formatted Table of Esters and their Smells, Table of Organic Compounds and their SmellsMeet the Terpenes and my first ever graphic, Tea Types, so that all the text is legible from several metres away. No more small print. Great for longer-range or classroom use. Here’s an example:

Meet the Terpenes GIANT ad

The whole set looks fantastic on high-quality A3 paper; so much better than on screen. Placed on a desk or a wall, they’re ready to make an impact. In print, they bring life and relevance to Chemistry, which is exactly what I intended when I created them.

They also seem to provoke quite a discussion.

I’ve managed to keep the print prices ridiculously cheap. All three sizes are printed on thick-but-sturdy 250 gsm matte paper, and I’ll sign them if you want me to. Cheap international shipping is still available—most orders ship for just $6—and turnaround times are fast.

Order A3, A4 or A5 prints using this form. 

James :)

In other news:

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All-Natural Banana Has Gone Viral: 2M views

banana collage 2 million jameskennedymonash

This post is a shameless list of newspapers and famous blogs that published articles about the All-Natural Banana, which has now exceeded 2 million views on the internet.

It’s also spawned a successful clothing line and a poster print business. In other words, for what started as a simple teaching aid, “Ingredients” is getting pretty big. :)

Here’s the list:

I’m now sending multiple print shipments every day, most of them international.

It now exists in 7 languages. More on that soon.

It has over 120,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook (but I don’t use Facebook)

And it’s been shared widely across social media like Twitter. In other words, it’s gone viral.

Exciting changes to the T-Shirt Store will be announced tomorrow. :) James

If Beetroots had Ingredients Labels…

It’s Australia Day and beetroot burgers are in ‘season’.

Chemically, beetroots are remarkably simple.

ingredients of an AUSTRALIAN BEETROOTThe colour in beetroots comes from just two E-numbers (which are each groups of about 10 compounds); and the flavour comes almost entirely from geosimin. So simple.

Happy Australia Day!

Ingredients of an All-Natural Kiwi

Welcome Kiwi to the all-natural gang.

Merchandise is in the T-Shirt Store.

Also, some exciting changes are coming to the T-Shirt Store very soon.

Ingredients of an All-Natural Kiwi POSTER
Click for large JPEG

Meet the Terpenes: A Visual Introduction from Isoprene to Latex

Inspiration for Meet the Terpenes came from the rhetological fallacies graphic over at Information is Beautiful, while motivation came from a 45°C heat wave this week that prevented any sensible Australians from going outside. So I stayed at home and did this.

Meet the Terpenes - A Visual Introduction from Isoprene to Latex
Click to download 200dpi JPEG (5.4Mb)

It took about three days to sketch, research and create.

Three days ago, I knew nothing about terpenes. My undergraduate phytochemistry class was really difficult. The teacher was a genius, and put huge amounts of effort into his tutorials, giving us thick booklets at each seminar filled with his hand-written notes and dozens of chemical structures. But for some reason, I just didn’t get it.

So this week, I decided to make the graphic I wish I’d had when I took the phytochemistry class many years ago. Having this poster on my wall would have answered all my questions and made the class much more enjoyable. I hope you find it useful, too.

As always, I welcome all feedback, corrections, suggestions and comments, etc.

Enjoy :) James

Banana/Blueberry/Egg Ingredients Poster PDFs

Here are high-resolution PDFs of all three posters. Free to use. Feedback welcome.

Click each image to download the PDF poster.

Ingredients of an All-Natural Egg Ingredients of an All-Natural Banana Ingredients of All-Natural Blueberries

About these posters: As a Chemistry teacher, I want to erode the fear that many people have of “chemicals”, and demonstrate that nature evolves compounds, mechanisms and structures far more complicated and unpredictable than anything we can produce in the lab.