Book: Instant Turnaround

He wanted to write Fight Club but started too late.
151 pages, ★

The same office boredom that spawned such classics as Fight Club (and, even, The Office), has been wasted on Instant Turnaround. Its authors were presented with the time and space to let their imaginations run wild… and all we got was a description of their immediate surroundings.

I already wrote this book in middle school. On a rainy afternoon in Ysgol Gyfun Aberaeron, we had to write a spontaneous story to test our imagination and creative skills in an assessed English assignment. Being me, I wrote exactly that: that I was in middle school on a rainy afternoon trying to think of a topic for my English assignment. The teacher was less than impressed, and said, “This has been done at least once before, and I’m no more impressed this time than I was the last.” And I feel about this book how my teacher felt about that test: bored, disappointed, appalled.

Who would read this? Nobody, because the authors have nothing to share except for the fact that they have nothing to share. Instant Turnaround has reinforced my detest for 12-hour days in a stuffy office, for fear that I’ll turn into author and run out of stories to tell my grandchildren before they’re even born.

One of these authors, in his cornflower-blue tie, felt so weak as to need to write ‘PhD’ after his family name. Technically, I have a PhD credential, too. I just keep it secret.


2 thoughts on “Book: Instant Turnaround

  1. Thanks for the warning. I like feisty reviews, they are often more interesting than the book, or meal, or performance. I suspect that this is the case here. Nicely done, Dr. (ssshhh) Kennedy.


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