Book: Cool It: The Skeptical Environmentalist’s Guide to Global Warming

Your exit from climate spin
244 pages, ★★★★

Rational people are disrespected in the climate debate. Those trying to do good by whitening clouds, eliminating soot emissions, or calculating the effects of stratospheric sulphur dioxide coolants are ostracised from the discussion.

Climate is the only major debate where rational people are sidelined as “careless”, “denialist” or as “crazy sun-bombers with space-mirrors”. This crap appears in newspapers too much. Most people in the climate debate are hyped, extremist fools. There’s just no reasoning with them…

…So use Cool It to assert your position on climate change. When you next encounter a climate-brainwashed individual, keep your cool and explain that there are more important issues than reducing CO2 emissions for now (one of them being reducing particulate emissions). When they boil up and call you a “denier”, tell them to read Cool It before continuing the discussion.

If Al Gore’s in the red corner, and Big Oil is in the blue corner, Bjørn Lomborg is the calm umpire that brings an end to the fight. Despite stepping into a political minefield, Bjørn Lomborg refrains from fighting the alarmist consensus; rather, he simply ends the debate.

Cool It draws an analogy between climate and traffic speeds. Lomborg writes that, “1.2 million people worldwide die in traffic accidents each year… We could avoid all of these deaths by imposing worldwide speed limits of 5mph.” Lomborg likens this absurdity to that of reducing CO2 emissions in order to reduce global temperatures. He also adds that if the speed limit debate were as polarised as the climate debate (with only two camps: those advocating 5mph and those advocating 205 mph), then almost zero progress would be made. That’s what we see in the climate arena.

Cool It is extremely well-researched, which is demonstrated by its 77 pages of notes and references. The book’s only shortcoming is that its argument is just so obvious… but not obvious enough for the millions of CO2-obsessed individuals out there. Next time you meet one, make them read this book★★★★

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