Films I Watched in April 2012

Here are the films I’ve watched in April, 2012 neatly summarized in six words.
  1. Beyond Reasonable Doubt (2009) – journalist sets up rogue Michael Douglas
  2. Butterfly on a Wheel – jealousy triggers life-shattering revenge stunt
  3. Cool It – Bjørn Lomborg balances polarized climate debate
  4. London Avenue – these Londoners know something I don’t
  5. Miracle at St Anna – delightful trilingual WW2 movie with love
  6. Puss in Boots – distasteful shallow stupid fake Shrek movie
  7. Stranger than Fiction – boring rendition of Fight Club‘s story
  8. Unser Täglich Brot – beautiful footage of mass food production
  9. War Horse — horse survives both sides of WW2

3 thoughts on “Films I Watched in April 2012

  1. Six words is the perfect length for reviews, when well done like this. I suspect this is a lot harder to do than it ends up looking like.
    I know now for sure I won’t be watching 6, 7 or 9, probably won’t get around to any of the others either, except 5 might be worth a peek.


    1. The fifth movie, Miracle at St Anna, was excellent. We watched all of these movies on a laptop, but they’d be even better on the big screen (especially number 5—do check it out!)

      The first movie was very good too, and I usually don’t like legal suspense dramas (but enjoyed Michael Douglas in Wall Street and Wall Street 2).


      1. I don’t watch many movies, but it is always good to have some things to look for. I will put 1 and 5 on a mental list. Thanks!


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