Black Bamboo Park Little Planets (Beijing, China)

Beijing has only two seasons: winter and summer.

On March 18th, it was winter. We woke up to several inches of snow.

By March 30th, summer had arrived! These two Little Planet pictures were taken in Black Bamboo Park (紫竹院) at the start of Beijing’s glorious summer.

5 thoughts on “Black Bamboo Park Little Planets (Beijing, China)

  1. I love these panoramas of yours. These ones work especially well, I think it must be the way the trees are against the sky – more organic and ‘normal’ than buildings jutting up in different levels.


    1. I’m pleased that you like them! I like the ones where there’s a balance of trees and architecture, and a balance of red, green and blue in the picture. I think that sky, trees and reddish buildings make the best Little Planet pictures.


      1. I have to give this method a try sometime. I really like the results, and I think it could be pretty amazing thing to try, for instance, in a small cove with a tall first growth coniferous forest ringing three sides (such a place I will be spending some time in a few weeks on Haida Gwaii – until recently the Queen Charlotte Islands). I should go back to your post that describes the method and make sure I take the shots I need in case I ever get a chance to put one together.


      2. Well, that is the problem. Landline only. PC only. But there must be some way, so long as I have the files to begin with. My son has CS5 on this computer that I use for everything, but I don’t know how to use it, and am not sure I have the energy, patience or determination to try right now.


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