Turkish Apple & Cinnamon Instant Tisane

Turkish Apple & Cinnamon Instant Tisane

Awful. Hurts teeth and wallet alike.
Tisane, ★

Apple & Cinnamon Instant Tisane is mostly sugar, but at $28 per 500g, it’s 37 times more expensive than sugar. The extortionate price perplexes me because the colours and flavours inside are neither attractive nor expensive to buy. It tastes sweet (that’s the sugar), a little gloopy (that’s the maltodextrin), and hurts my wallet (that’s the ridiculous price tag). Whether it’s cheating customers or treating them like fools, I think this product should be withdrawn from sale. Check the ingredients and I think you’ll agree:

Sugar, citric acid, maltodextrine, vitamin C, anticaking agent, colour, flavour.

I’m happy I didn’t pay any money for this flavoured, coloured sugar. I regret drinking it even though it was free.

Make compote instead. Take eight apples, peel them and chop them into half-inch pieces. Place them into a baking tray with a stick of cinnamon (and nothing else: no water, no sugar). Add a tight-fitting lid and bake the apples until they’re soft—this takes about 30 minutes on a medium heat. Mash them further with a fork and leave them to cool. Eat the resulting compote now or store it sterile and airtight in the fridge for up to five days. This recipe costs about $1. Enjoy. ★

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