Tea Types Poster 2012

Tea Types 2012 [jameskennedybeijing] r
Tea Types Poster 2012. Click to enlarge.
I’ve revamped my most popular blog post, Amazing Tea Taxonomy. This new version has corrections, additions and deletions as outlined below:

  • Korean teas have been deleted
  • Japanese and Indian teas have been expanded
  • Scented teas and some Chinese green teas have been rearranged
  • And many teas have been renamed according to more popular nomenclature.

This is a work-in-progress so I still welcome all feedback. Share. Comment. Enjoy • jameskennedybeijing

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20 thoughts on “Tea Types Poster 2012

  1. I think this just amazing! Do Korean teas not exist any more – or have they been reclassified? I don’t know very much about tea (apart from drinking a lot of it) but I just wondered!


    1. There were two Korean teas on the tea poster I made last year (Amazing Tea Taxonomy).

      But these Korean ‘teas’ turned out not to be teas at all. They’re called ‘teas’ in English but in fact are mostly ‘infusions’ (of roots, flowers, etc). So I removed them.


      1. You seem to have the passion and the knowledge!

        You could include an index of places to buy the best tea. We drink Lapsang Soochong (not sure of the spelling) at home and seem to have gone through many different methods of buying the tea leaves.


      2. Good idea. I would have to make it somehow different from the dozens of amazing tea books that already exist (many of which also have indexes of tea stores!)

        Lapsing Souchong is a very good tea and also one of my favourite black teas. Foreigners only seem to drink the smoked version, but the unsmoked one is (in my experience) more popular in China. Its name is a bizarrely anglicised version of Zhengshan Xiaozhong (正山小种), which you can find on my tea chart!

        If you like Zhengshan Xiaozhong then you’ll love the superior pluck, Jinjumei (金骏眉). It’s only available unsmoked.


    1. Thank you! I even have a more updated version yet to put online (Tea Types 2013, perhaps?)

      Good to see you here again 🙂


      1. It’s good to see you keeping this blog going. I have lost track of your Australian version – is it still out there? If so, what’s the URL so I can find it again? Thanks!


      2. The Australian blog was called James Kennedy Melbourne and was at the corresponding web address. I removed it from the web because it didn’t want to blog about music any more. And it was hard for people to find!

        If you want, you can go to http://jameskennedymelbourne.wordpress.com/ and request access—and I’ll let you in!


      3. Well, I have done that in case I missed something before you went off line. Glad to know where you are blogging so I can check out what interesting things you have bent your mind to lately.


  2. This is beauty. So many teas to try…argh…not even teas….I would be glad to try each ‘types’ of tea(like raw pu-erh, cooked pu-erh..etc).

    Pardon me if I’m wrong but where is ‘roiboos’ teas? I thought roiboos is sub-genre of dark teas(same as pu-erh).


    1. Darek,

      I’m happy to hear that you like my tea poster!

      Rooibos is not a tea at all. It’s made from a different plant (not the tea plant) and should come under “herbal infusions”, instead (these are also known as “tisanes”).

      Rooibos is definitely not a sub-genre of dark tea. Where did you hear that?!



      1. Sorry, I don’t remember where I have seen this. Well, It is funny because on all pack with teas and herbal infusions I see text “tea” even though more than 2 of them are not tea.
        I am very glad to hear new information and I guess I shall check your page to see more about ‘genres’ of tea.


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