Book: Student Survival Guide

Student Survival Guide
One major pitfall: this book’s target audience DOESN’T READ BOOKS.

Written by students. Never take university advice from students.
176 pages, ★

This book made BBC news. It’s a collation of sometimes conflicting advice from different students, most of which is rubbish. It concerns topics as broad as drinking, drinking games, parties, hangovers and drunken accidents. Sarcasm.

Student Survival Guide assumes not only that university students are stupid, and that they’re supposed to be stupid, but also that being stupid responsibly is the highest state of being to which they should all aspire. The sloppy title font is used for all chapter and subchapter headings—a periodic reminder not to listen to the author. Never take advice from someone who uses this font.

This book is filled with hangover cures, drinking games—yes, drinking games—most of which you already learned in kindergarten (without the alcohol). It tells students that the whole point of university is to be stupid. And that’s very irresponsible.

This book was written by two Welsh students in 2001. Back then, Welsh students were lucky enough to have all their tuition fees paid by the Welsh regional government. Maybe that’s why these authors played and drank during university—because it was free, they took the experience for granted, perhaps?

There’s nothing useful in Student Survival Guide. Students who don’t know any better will be negatively-influenced by this book. It’s full of bad advice. Keep it away from them. ★



4 thoughts on “Book: Student Survival Guide

  1. What is the one star for? Perhaps you don’t have a symbol of a red line through a star?

    I was hoping that those Welsh students (a) did not get rich on this book, and (b) actually learned something from writing and publishing it. But a google search on the first author shows she has written another book that looks similar. And worse: “Lucy has since set up Student People (… a company distributing funky student welcome packs to new freshers.)”!!!


    1. The one star is for effort (I’m a teacher-in-training).

      Interestingly, their website ( is now for sale. I guess they stopped delivering those welcome packs.

      The only people this book helped are the authors themselves. ★


  2. I suppose its an interesting highlight to British Culture. I personally hate it as much as you seem to. I think ideas have changed a little in the last few years (with the tripling in fees) but there are still the odd one or two who come to do a course because ‘it seems easy’ or thinking its ‘three years of party!’. I think unversity is a good palce for socialising and meeting new people, but you can’t forget the main reason of learning. Perhaps some students in a better place for giving advice should write a guide 😉 … though I guess then it wouldn’t sell very well, because people don’t want to hear they have to work… they want it to be party party party. *sighs*


    1. In this book, the author writes what the audience wants to hear and I think that’s lazy. It would be more worrying if this book resulted from the author giving genuine advice from the heart.

      I’m in an Australian university right now, and the culture here seems completely different. The stupidity, alcohol, drugs and random sex seem completely absent… people seem much more civilised here than they were in Cambridge. At least, that’s my impression after just a week.


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