Book: Organic Chemistry I

Organic Chemistry I
All you need, in theory.

Systematic and super-concise. If only I could take all this in at once.
160 pages, ★★★★

Organic Chemistry I is the most concise guide to organic chemistry I’ve ever found.

The reality is, though, that you’ll have to spend a lot of time using the methods described in this book before they’ll finally sink in.

It would work well as a pre-exam study aid, or as a pre-university Chemistry refresher (as it is for me).

It only lacks the fifth star is because there’s too much to take in at once. While it’s possible to summarise all of Organic Chemistry into a 160-page book, it’s impossible to learn that much simply by reading it. Despite appearances, this book is no replacement for hours of classes, lab experiments, homework tasks and writing assignments. You’ll still need to go to school. ★★★★

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