Infographic: T2 Gift Guide

T2 Gift Guide
T2 is Australia’s biggest tea retailer.

Thinking of buying tea in Australia? Check this out first.

I believe that all infographics should be self-explanatory. So enjoy this one pure and captionless. Happy 2013!


4 thoughts on “Infographic: T2 Gift Guide

  1. Nice infographic James. The only thing I am not sure about is the size of the circles – what does size mean?

    Happy New Year – I hope you have a great one!


    1. Bigger circles = heavier boxes of tea.

      All their teas are sold in boxes of equal volume. Some of those boxes are 50g, some are 100g, and some are 250g. They’re all the same size on the shelf.

      It seemed necessary to do this because we should brew tea by weight, not by size!


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