Infographic: Mineral Water Compositions by Brand

Mineral Water Composition by Brand
Volvic and Brecon Carreg are the winners.

This one’s more informative than beautiful.

Five aspects determine the taste of water (

  • pH (plotted on x axis)
  • Nitrate content (all were acceptably low, so I omitted this data from the chart)
  • Total Dissolved Solids, TDS (gives water heaviness and a lingering aftertaste, plotted on y axis)
  • Hardness (the hardness equation yields results that correlate with TDS very strongly; I thus omitted hardness and plotted TDS)
  • Carbonation (degree of fizziness, i.e. the presence of bubbles. None of these waters are carbonated).



6 thoughts on “Infographic: Mineral Water Compositions by Brand

  1. Having spent quite a lot of time on melting glaciers where I observed all manner of dead animals – flocks of ducks, moose, wolves, shrews, voles, millions of flies, even fish and humans, I would have some info on the chart for glacier water. Which is so not-pure that I really am unsure about drinking it. Dissolved solids just doesn’t quite capture it for me.


    1. I hope they clean the water properly before they sell it! That said, over-treatment can remove all the ions and nutrients from the water, rendering it slightly harmful. RO water shouldn’t be drunk too often.


  2. Great graph. Very useful to have pH plotted against TDS. I just referenced it in a recent post of my own. I’m a bit unclear about the safe/unsafe dashed circle. My understanding is that waters outside the red dashed circle are unsafe. That can’t be right though. Can you clarify?


    1. Breda

      Thanks for visiting. I agree. Safe/unsafe is a bit arbitrary. While certainly don’t want to be drinking water that’s pH4.4 (like the Sainsbury’s brand), Perrier and Badoit are probably fine to drink. Badoit contains the most sodium at 150 mg per litre, and one day’s supply of Badoit makes up just 18% of your recommended daily sodium intake—it’s not unsafe at all.


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