Book: 小宝宝最爱问的为什么(动物篇)

I read a wide variety of world literature.

I want to read this to my children.
60 pages, ★★★
Language: Chinese

Suitable for children about 3-4 years old, this book answers 30 “common questions about animals”, including:

  • Why are giraffes’ necks so long?
  • Why do dragonflies give birth in the water?
  • Why do cats have whiskers?

The science is concise and correct, and the language is very proper.

It’s linguistic etiquette, more than anything else, that your children will learn from this book. It teaches them how to ask intelligent questions properly, and how to formulate clear, intelligent-sounding answers. Read 30 of these examples out loud with your child, and they’ll have at least learned the logical structure of a polite question-and-answer dialogue.

There’s pinyin throughout, which helps for learning new vocabulary, too. I want to read this with my children. ★★★


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