Tea brewing calculator (Excel)

Click here to download my Tea brewing calculator.

Tea brewing calculator made in Excel for Mac 2011
Tea brewing calculator made in Excel for Mac 2011. It’s safe, has no macros, and works on any Mac or Windows computer with Excel. Click to download.

It works for all strengths and for all types of tea. You can even check out the formulas to see how I’ve calculated the brewing times for each consecutive brew.

Sometimes, the later brews have no times by them. At this point, leave the tea in the pot to steep indefinitely while you finish drinking.

To improve this calculator, I need feedback! Plug in the values of how you brew your tea and let me know whether the brewing times are correct. Tweak the constants if necessary. What values of β and c work best for your favourite brew?

Enjoy 😉

3 thoughts on “Tea brewing calculator (Excel)

    1. So the strength of your tea is 22 (medium-light), assuming a cup size of 175 ml.

      The equation requires a constant, which I’ve called β, and it so happens that tweaking it changes the “brewability” of the tea. Decrease β for teas that quickly lose their flavour.

      It’s 耐泡 in Chinese. (Google’s translation is “resistant foam”, which is laughably nonsensical.)


    2. The following set of values also gives a result of 1 minute:

      s = 24
      w = 0.25
      β = 8
      c = 2
      T = 1.5

      That’s medium-strength in 250 ml water.

      I stand by the formula but admit that I have only the slightest clue as to what the parameters β and c should be for different teas. Experimentation is the only way to find those out!


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