Infographic: Summary of Curriculum Design Schema

I’m preferring useful, practical advice to pure theory. The most useful part of this table is the right-most column (the white one), which tells you how to design a curriculum. Enlarge it and take a look.

Summary of Curriculum Design Schema
Click to Enlarge (PDF)

7 thoughts on “Infographic: Summary of Curriculum Design Schema

  1. Interesting, but that doesn’t mean I fully get it 😛 I’ve seen those of some of the teachers at school but I certainly can’t say how they do theirs. I have some experience in teaching (not much to talk about though) and it looks like something I might try in the future if I decide to go about teaching English or Biology. Personally I see teaching as a challenge, kids definitely don’t make it any easier.


    1. Take a look at this, which we were supposed to understand in our teacher training:

      Amazingly, to some students (but not me), this chart made sense! (Maybe they were pretending?)

      The main point of my chart is that “theory is confusing” (I don’t get the coloured part of that table fully, either) 🙂 and that “practical advice is useful” (the white column is simple and easy to follow). Some people over-theorise teaching, which is inappropriate because teaching is a practical art, and not something that can be memorised from a book.


      1. It should be useful, that’s what I think. I will never put that chart on my classroom wall beside the teacher’s desk to help me do my job—because it’s useless! Other charts, though, like Bloom’s Taxonomy or Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, I might put on the wall.


      2. In school/university, I’ve learned that if something doesn’t make and sense to you, you MUST tell the teacher. Be proud that you don’t understand. Get an explanation. I pretended to understand 3 years of Cambridge.


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