Visual Ingredients: Simple Facial Wash

This image is one of three “Visual Ingredients” images that I’m making. The aim is to reinvigorate bewildering shampoo labels and get people thinking about everyday Chemistry.

Visual Ingredients - Simple Facial Wash
Click to download PDF version (800 kb)

One day, I’ll hire a programmer to get this entire process automated. You’ll be able to search for any product, and then see its ingredients visualised on a poster like this—on demand. What do you think?

And one more thing: does anyone know what a “polyparaben” is?

4 thoughts on “Visual Ingredients: Simple Facial Wash

  1. Enjoying the infographics on your site – considering printing out the visual ingredients ones to stick in my classroom and pique the pupils’ interest!

    What other chemistry infographics do you have planned for the near future? I like the idea of a visual ingredients database as well, incidentally…


    1. “Polyparaben” was written on the back of my Simple Facial Wash. (It’s a great product, by the way, even though I don’t know what a polyparaben is!)

      I thinks they mean propylparaben, too.

      Their mistake suggests that almost nobody understands or even bothers to check these cosmetic ingredient labels!


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