Ingredients of an All-Natural Egg

This is the last of three posters in the “ingredients” series. I think I’ve made my point.

I’ve exhausted it, in fact. Enjoy.

Ingredients of an All-Natural Egg
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47 thoughts on “Ingredients of an All-Natural Egg

  1. I remember isolating (3β)-cholest-5-en-3-ol from an egg in my college biochemistry class. Why don’t I see it on your ingredients list? (This is brilliant, by the way.)


    1. (3β)-cholest-5-en-3-ol would be an interesting addition to the list. There are probably thousands of organic compounds in an egg and I wanted these designs to fit onto A4 paper, so I had to choose just a few major ingredients from high-resolution GC/MS results I found in academic journals.

      I have an online T-shirt store opening hopefully tomorrow. T-shirts have more space than A4 paper—so I’m sure I could squeeze in (3β)-cholest-5-en-3-ol! 🙂

      Where did you go to college?


      1. James, I attended a small college in SoCal for my undergraduate degree and then went to a Ivy League school for my PhD. I popped back in here to let you know that my husband showed me your posters yesterday on his Facebook feed. I do believe this means you’ve gone viral!


  2. Really puzzled about what your point actually is. The information (ignoring the dodgy addition – ’rounding error’? So large from so few roundings – I think not!) seems to aim to hide the nutritional value or otherwise of an egg and to create an association in the undiscerning reader’s mind between chemical representations and “nothing to worry about as every food can be viewed in terms of its chemistry”. This is so blatantly manipulative and unscientific in its goal of obfuscation that your motive and scientific clarity are brought into question.


  3. An egg contains Formaldehyde? These are amazing! I found this shared on FB, can I use it to share with friends? Thank you!


  4. Although those are all constitutes of eggs the ingredient list for eggs is still just egg. if you really thought otherwise you would have made this a comprehensive list because your reductive list of ingredients for egg is only is only different than “Egg” in the scale of your reductivity. Kinda pointless.


  5. For a project – Where can I purchase the ingredients listed for the all natural Egg? Do you or anyone know of companies/sources that will mix the ingredients per the amounts identified?


  6. Excellent! It brings to mind those artificial raw eggs the Chinese are making and selling to the unwitting public – I’d love to know what’s in those!


  7. Sadly though, some people are totally misunderstanding the message – they are assuming that eggs are “poisonous” and need to be avoided at all costs, as well as using the information to back up their claim that only the vegan way is healthy and good and etc. So you might say that in some (possibly many) cases the poster defeats the purpose.


  8. I’m really puzzled about the lactose. I’ve tried to look for other sources of information on this and everywhere else (admittedly non-scientific) says that eggs don’t contain lactose. I’d be grateful if you could clarify this.


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