My First Physics Alphabet Poster

My First Physics Alphabet Poster
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32 thoughts on “My First Physics Alphabet Poster

  1. That’s great. Not just for the content but because through your clipart choices it looks just like an educator’s worksheet – at once comfortable (with cheerful colors and rehashed images -I think I have a worksheet with that elephant on it!) and bearing new information.


      1. James is there a source that you used or is this a blending of many sources. The concept of simplified physics or 3-6th grades would be great..


    1. Hi Maciej. There’s a medium-resolution version on my website, which you can print for yourself. Alternatively, I can get an A1 size poster sent to you but it would cost about $50 including shipping! For high-res, some of the graphics would have to be re-drawn.

      I have a Greek alphabet version of this poster going online tomorrow, which you might also want to print. 🙂



  2. Would be great if it wasn’t missing letters.
    j = Joule
    o = Ohm/Ohm’s Law
    y = height/vertical distance

    Did this spell “JOY” on purpose or was that just an amusing accident?


  3. Do you think I could get a couple high-quality A3 prints of this? Willing to pay around $30 each but price is negotiable.


  4. Hi.. i’m elmer samson a physical science major student. Unfortunately I am conducting research about the development of physics alphabet model. And i need a review of related literature in order to accept my study, can you help me?


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