Meet the Terpenes: A Visual Introduction from Isoprene to Latex

Inspiration for Meet the Terpenes came from the rhetological fallacies graphic over at Information is Beautiful, while motivation came from a 45°C heat wave this week that prevented any sensible Australians from going outside. So I stayed at home and did this.

Meet the Terpenes - A Visual Introduction from Isoprene to Latex
Click to download 200dpi JPEG (5.4Mb)

It took about three days to sketch, research and create.

Three days ago, I knew nothing about terpenes. My undergraduate phytochemistry class was really difficult. The teacher was a genius, and put huge amounts of effort into his tutorials, giving us thick booklets at each seminar filled with his hand-written notes and dozens of chemical structures. But for some reason, I just didn’t get it.

So this week, I decided to make the graphic I wish I’d had when I took the phytochemistry class many years ago. Having this poster on my wall would have answered all my questions and made the class much more enjoyable. I hope you find it useful, too.

As always, I welcome all feedback, corrections, suggestions and comments, etc.

Enjoy 🙂 James

16 thoughts on “Meet the Terpenes: A Visual Introduction from Isoprene to Latex

    1. Hi Tony,

      You can download them for free if you plan to use them for educational purposes. (In which case, I’d appreciate you letting me know how you use it, because I’m a teacher, too!)

      I’m also selling posters and prints, some of them signed, quite cheaply with international shipping. Click “Order Prints” near the top of my website to do that.

      🙂 James


  1. Hi Love your posters I work as a science tech in a NZ High School and I am using some of your posters for a science publicity display within our school, I love the food ingredient posters; thanks heaps regards Liz Hilliar


  2. It is really amazing work! I love your poster, it is really useful information! Would you mind if I use it for my presentation (thesis defence)? Thank you so much for your great work!


  3. Thank you so much for this poster! It’s genius! I am currently doing a course in cosmetic formulation and really need this visual systematisation!


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