Poster Prints Now Available

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I’m obsessed with print. I love typefaces, I care about using the right quality paper and inks, and I’m fussy about alignment, kerning and line spacing. And that’s why I decided to sell “Ingredients” poster prints.

I’ve got one of each of these prints, and—Wow!—they look so much more gorgeous in real life than on-screen.

Ordering prints is a less formal affair than the T-Shirt Store—just cover my costs via PayPal and I’ll get the prints on the way to your address within 24 hours. Click the Order Prints tab in the website’s ribbon to get your hands on some of these “Ingredients” prints.

Oh—and they’re cheap. Just $10 each and worldwide shipping is available 🙂

Order one to help spread the word. I’ll even sign them if you like 😉 James


7 thoughts on “Poster Prints Now Available

  1. If you are fussy about alignment, kerning and line spacing then why do you justify all your text leaving these huge “rivers” and blank spots between words, and why do you not use appropriate tracking when you set all your text in uppercase? These things are very basic Typography 101 stuff.


    1. Interesting opinion. The design invokes the confusing mess that ingredients labels usually are. They’re also usually justified, many of them are in upper case, in a narrow font, and are also tracked (kerned) slightly to squeeze all the content in.


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