The 2 Ingredients of Excellent Exam Revision

Source: Christian P Walker

If you’re in high school, you should spend about two thirds of each day studying for six days each week for several months before your important exams. But apart from doing the required homework, what else should you be doing in that time?

Answer: Just 2 things.

(1) Make great notes.

Make them, re-make them and then make them again. Make them clearer and more beautiful every time. Organise them according to the official study design (or “syllabus”) for your course. Put your notes on the wall of your bedroom or study. Take some of them down temporarily and see if you can recall them by heart.

You can buy books of theory notes online, but the process of making your own notes is when most of the theory learning actually takes place. Use those purchased books for inspiration only. It’s okay to use a computer to make notes, but do at least one hand-written version as well. Become a pro at hand-writing explanations and sketching diagrams with a pen. This experience will save you time in the exam.

(2) Do lots of practice questions.

Get practice questions from as many sources as you can. Use real past papers, use past-paper-style questions from companies, and if you need more, do questions from the textbooks your school isn’t using. Complete these questions first without answers, then refer to your theory notes if you get stuck. When done (or if completely stuck), check the answer key or send an email to your teacher. Do all of this in one study session.

That’s almost all there is to it! I’ll post more about each of these two instructions in the next two weeks. Making great notes and doing lots of practice questions are the two most important parts of exam revision.

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10 thoughts on “The 2 Ingredients of Excellent Exam Revision

  1. 9th of November, m starting my exams i have 9 subjects to study and among these 9 Subjects i have completed three subjects so m not yet ready for remaining 6 subjects so i need help for preparing other 6 subjects with remaining 3 days, its a request please help me.


  2. Hello, first i just wanted to thank you for these articles which help us for many situation and i want to ask you what should i do about studing not regularly. In some subjects i have exellent marks and in some others the bad ones, it’s not because i can’t study but is about how motivated i am for that exam. I want to stay motivated for every subject like that my few classmates do, they are prepared for every situation but i know i spend my time always on my phone and not around books. Please tell me what should i do to stay motivate everytime for school and for other things


  3. my grades in my preboards exam are too low and only 1month and 15 days are left ,what should i do ,i have to score good marks in my isc board examinations,help me please

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    1. I would recommend you to make a summary of notes depending on the subject like writing down strategies for mathematics or just continuously practicing and studying. If you have made notes try to learn them orally, it really helps as throughout the year I make notes for more than 100 pages from my text book, (which is 1 chapter) into Notes. Then practicing that whole chapter orally only takes me 2h. If you haven’t made Notes then just look for someone else’s Notes online or just use your text book but choose the necessary things and orally practice those, as writing does take more time.

      Keep repeating topics in your head and relate it to what you see around you. For example if you are doing Muscles in Biology for example. After doing a workout, think about, discuss or Write down how your muscles were working. Same with any other topic. Just keep it going in your mind and relax plus don’t fear the exam, just act as if it is a class test and have faith in yourself.

      Something else I really recommend is telling yourself every morning, practically in front of the mirror that you will pass your exams with a high grade, or any aim that you have. This will surprisingly improve your performance and make yourself believe that and make you act that way automatically. Along with this you have to picture yourself getting the grades that you desire. It works like magic, believe me and don’t stress out. Just be extremely productive through these tricks.

      Wish you all the best!!!


  4. Am jane I need help
    My gce examination is on the 21st of November 2020 and I haven’t read anything
    There are some subjects like chemistry ,biology,physics, that has practical aspects which I hav not been taught
    Pls help me out


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