23 thoughts on “Ingredients of an All-Natural Strawberry

  1. Can you do milk and butter? I’m having an argument with my mother about the amount of ingredients in lactose free butter.


  2. Hello.

    Thanks for this list of ingredients.

    Could you precise how the analysis was done ? HPLC ? GC/MS ?

    How are we sure that every compound is well identified ?



    1. Yes. HPLC and GC/MS for the “aroma/fragrance” compounds. Not every compound is included, of course. We just the first 50 or so to make an interesting artwork. In reality you’d find thousands of compounds, many in undetectably small concentrations.


      1. Thanks !

        What is “ASH”. I suppose that there are all inorganic compounds, “mineral” I mean. Could you confirm that ?

        Please note that gamma-decalactone appears twice.

        Great work !


      2. Yes, it means minerals. It’s a work of art more than a reference material so all these mistakes just highlight the fact that even scientists don’t read food ingredients labels properly! You’re the first person to notice this and it’s been shared at least a couple of million times on various social media platforms 🙂


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