Fighting Chemophobia 4th Edition is now on Amazon

My fourth edition of Fighting Chemophobia is now available on

This edition is paperback and black-and-white throughout… hence the low price.

Chemophobia is an irrational fear of chemicals. It includes the fear of aluminium in vaccines, methylparaben preservative in cosmetics and formaldehyde residue in shampoo. Since the early 1990s, advances in toxicology have allowed scientists to detect traces of adulterant substances in everyday products – even down to parts per billion concentrations. Toxicological research has shown most of these substances are in such low doses that they pose zero threat to our health.

Nonetheless, we get scared. We overreact to harmless, negligible sources of contamination and buy “natural”, “organic” and “chemical-free” alternative products at elevated prices because we’re psychologically pre-disposed to think they’re safer. Consumers are victims of aggressive marketing and misleading labelling from “natural” and “organic” companies, who exploit our psychological quirks to expand their market share.

The supposed onslaught of toxic chemicals that special interest groups describe simply isn’t happening. Our products are safer than ever, yet people are becoming more scared. Consumers suffer from guilt, anxiety and mental stress of being coaxed into paying a hefty price premium for “natural” skincare products that are neither safer nor more effective than conventional ones.

This book explores the history of chemophobia and the recent events that amplified it; and describes how consumers, teachers, doctors, lawmakers and journalists can fight chemophobia by tackling the social issues that underpin it.

James Kennedy is the creator of the All-Natural Banana ingredients set of posters and the T-shirt store sporting the same designg. James is a British-born Chemistry teacher currently working in Australia. Since graduating from the University of Cambridge with a Masters degree in Natural Sciences, he has pursued a passion for science communication and science outreach by using festivals, lectures, posters and T-shirts to make chemistry more open and accessible for the public. He is a vocal pro-chemistry advocate and writes articles online and speaks occasionally in radio and podcast interviews. James’ first published book, Fighting Chemophobia, stemmed from a need for people to understand and cure chemophobia by seeing chemicals in a more rational light. He has been teaching for 8 years and researching chemophobia for 3 years. He lives with his wife and daughter in Melbourne, Australia.

1 thought on “Fighting Chemophobia 4th Edition is now on Amazon

  1. You say that we should all deal with the problems of chemical additives in our environment with a more rational approach, yet your argument is emotional and attacking using the base form of trying to win an argument by shaming and belittling those who think differently to you. I would imagine a rational argument would have a sensible and logical argument, but instead you begin with labelling and shaming concerned people using hysterical terms. Is their desire to omit chemical additives your problem, or are you deriding them for foolishly believing false marketing hype from deceptive companies? Because you are sort of slinging it all together into a nonsensical rant. You have no strong evidence to back up your beliefs, you rely on slurring your ‘opponents’ to shame people into adopting your views, which seems that like the other unscrupulous marketers, you are stooping to the lowest form of persuasion to get what you want.


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