Anxious? Sanvello is giving all its users Premium access free of charge

Get free access to Sanvello Premium during COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 is having an immense impact on stress and anxiety levels: Mentions of the virus were up 605% in Sanvello last week, and we’re seeing nearly a third more user sign-ups this quarter than last. 

There are over 3 million users of Sanvello, the #1 app for stress and anxiety, but there are so many more that could use our help right now. So, we’re cutting our subscription fees down to zero. 

Premium access to Sanvello is now completely free to everyone, effectively immediately for the duration of the crisis. 

This means all of our clinically validated techniques, coping tools, and peer support are available to everyone to help people find calm, gain insight and feel more socially connected from the comfort and safety of their own home. 


3 thoughts on “Anxious? Sanvello is giving all its users Premium access free of charge

  1. James, You can’t sign up because you cannot click you agree to the terms of service. It clicks poping the terms of service page instead.

    I tried in chrome, safari, and iphone.

    Thanks, Carrie


  2. Is this 100% free????? Cause I’m sorry all of your students we spend all our time online
    We do not want to pay anything
    But thanks for the suggestion


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