VCE Chemistry Study Group starts Saturday May 9th 2020 via Zoom

With schools closed due to COVID-19, it can be difficult to stay on track with your VCE studies.

That’s why I’m hosting my first VCE Chemistry study group for Year 11 students on Zoom this Saturday. We’ll work through a selected set of practice questions for VCE Chemistry Unit 1 until we finish them all, which should take around 55 minutes.

By signing up using the link below, you’ll receive a set of questions you need to complete in advance. This will form Part A of our stimulus material. Part B will be revealed during the Study Group on Saturday.

I’m James Kennedy, a VCE Chemistry teacher with 9 years’ experience, and plenty of experience teaching online. (You may have also seen one of my YouTube channels, books or appearances at chemistry conferences before.)

Many students are already using my Annotated VCE Chemistry data book.

Screenshots from real classes are shown below.

Join for just $9.95 by clicking the button below.


7 thoughts on “VCE Chemistry Study Group starts Saturday May 9th 2020 via Zoom

  1. So I would think that would be 11 AM Australia time on the 9’th??
    How long does a class go?
    How many classes will there be?
    Does the $9.95 cover the first or all of the classes?
    What differences do you think there would be for a US student?
    Is there a rough guess on the number attending?


    1. The group is designed for students studying VCE Chemistry Unit 1. I’ll post today a list of the topics included. The $9.95 fee is per class and I’m liMiting the number of attendees to 20 max.


  2. I have a MS in Organic and ChemE, I can write better and learned to comb my hair in JrHS. While its true – I’m just spoofing you.

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