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James Kennedy is a VCE Chemistry teacher at Haileybury, one of Australia’s largest and leading independent schools. He has 5 years’ teaching and tutoring experience in Cambridge, Melbourne and Beijing.

My teaching portfolio (12-page PDF) is available upon request.

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3 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Acid is not green bone melting juice
    1) Show corrosif action of HCl(l) and NaOH(l) on something
    2) Make 2N solutions of NaOH and HCL
    3) Add solutions together until pH=7 (please check using litmus paper/pH-meter/indicator)
    4) Drink salty water (do not drink any indicator or use comestible indicator such as red cabbage extract)
    5) Pause for effect
    6) Explain how amino acids/ acetic acids / DNA is essential to life


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