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I am currently studying a Graduate Diploma of Education at Monash University. My goal after graduation in 2013 is to find work as a secondary school Science and Chemistry teacher.

While I have broad academic interests and enjoy reading and teaching a range of subjects, I am most enthusiastic about teaching Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Maths. My VIT teaching specialisms will be Chemistry and General Science after graduation in 2013, yet am capable and willing to teach any of the subjects above if the opportunity arises. ■

4 thoughts on “My Résumé

    1. Thanks, Devina! I have been looking forward to this theme for many months and set it up as soon as it was released. I love how clean and colourful it is. It’s outdoorsy, too (as opposed to the ‘indoorsy’ wooden floorboards background I had before!)

      The role of teachers, in my opinion, is to help the kids grow up and live meaningful lives. It’s a shame, though, that lots of teachers give in to pressure from parents and school administrators to focus too much on increasing exam results. Exam skills are useless after graduation. I prefer to teach what *is* useful instead! (That’s reading, writing, research skills).


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