Study Tools for Year 12 Chemistry Students

Pre-Season (the Summer before Year 12)

10 Best Science Channels on YouTube
How to use a Textbook: 6 Rules to Follow
Which Chapters of Heinemann Chemistry 1 do we need to learn in preparation for Units 3 and 4?

The 8 Benefits of Home Tutoring (VCE Chemistry)
Bilingual Chemistry Classroom Posters

Term 1

Annotated VCAA Data Booklet 2015 Edition
VCE Chemistry Formula Booklet

Significant Figures: 6.0 Rules
Always Warm Up Before Going to Class
How to Read a Book
How to Make Great Notes (15 steps + video)
The Cornell Note-Taking System

Which Chapters of Heinemann Chemistry 2 do we need to learn for the examination?

Term 2

How to get ahead in Chemistry
Will Smith on Talent, Skill & Success
Foldable Biomolecules
The Study Process
Your 2m² Study Space
Chemistry Task Words
Got 600 Hours to Spare? Become Bilingual!
Soluble or Not? Flashcards – Learn them!

Term 3

Make Your Own 2015 VCE Revision Timetable
3 Skills to Master Before the End of Year 12
High-Achieving Students Ask for More Help
How to Ask Your Teacher for Help: Sample Phrases
Procrastination, Motivation & Burnout
How They Did It: Tips from 99.95 Students
Free VCE Chemistry Progress Tracker Wall Chart
What Do I Need To Know For The Chemistry Exam?
Chapter 25: Essential Calorimetry Formulae
Chapter 27/28: Six Universal Principles of Redox Reactions

Term 4

3 Things You Take With You From Year 12
Revise What’s HARD: Focus on Electrolysis
How to Deal with Exam Stress

Help! My exam is in 3 days’ time and I haven’t studied for it. What should I do?

The 6 Best Graduation Speeches on YouTube


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