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Introducing the VCE/VET Statistics Dashboard

I made a free VCE/VET Statistics Dashboard.

Find insights into your favourite subjects here. Data was scraped from VCAA and VTAC using open-source Python. #Python #dataviz

The Boys vs Girls tab and the Dropout Statistics pages are most interesting.

Why are girls 5.5x more than boys likely to drop out of VCE LOTE Arabic?

E-xplosion: E-numbers Explained!

Yesterday, I uploaded Visual Guide to E-numbers. Today, after I thought it was all finished, I woke up with a completely redesigned version in my head—and couldn’t resist making it and uploading that, too. Here it is: E-xplosion: E-numbers Explained!

Click to download large JPEG version
E-xplosion- E-numbers Explained!