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E-xplosion: E-numbers Explained!

Yesterday, I uploaded Visual Guide to E-numbers. Today, after I thought it was all finished, I woke up with a completely redesigned version in my head—and couldn’t resist making it and uploading that, too. Here it is: E-xplosion: E-numbers Explained!

Click to download large JPEG version
E-xplosion- E-numbers Explained!

Visual Guide to E-numbers: E100 Series—Colours

I love making graphics. This latest one is part of a series called “Visual Guide to E-numbers”. I’ve made two versions of this graphic, and this is the first.

Visual Guide to E-Numbers
Click to download large JPEG version

We can see that most E-number colourings are red or yellow. Most of the lower numbers are worse for our health (azo dyes), while the higher numbers tend to be healthier (e.g. plant extracts), but this isn’t a fixed rule. The very last few aren’t edible—they’re used in lipsticks and suncreams.

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