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Book: Information is Beautiful

Information is Beautiful
This book appeared in the US with a crazy cover and a boastful name. This is the polite, understated, grey British edition.

Inspiring & Unique.
256 pages, ★★★★★

David McCandless is the unrivalled king of printed infographics. Here are a few of the 256 pages that he and his talented team created:

Snake Oil?
Some supplements are more effective than others. I love how green tea comes out on top here.
I love this comprehensive left/right government summary, too. This single chart could replace much of the political theory syllabus taught up until high school.
Simple & thought-provoking

Information Is Beautiful is a five-star design book with a purpose. It condenses reams of information into 256 pages of brightly-coloured, highly-accurate, informative beauty.

Information is Beautiful inspired me to make some infographics of my own. ★★★★★

Web: http://www.informationisbeautiful.net/

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