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Black Bamboo Park Little Planets (Beijing, China)

Beijing has only two seasons: winter and summer.

On March 18th, it was winter. We woke up to several inches of snow.

By March 30th, summer had arrived! These two Little Planet pictures were taken in Black Bamboo Park (紫竹院) at the start of Beijing’s glorious summer.

Panorama: Behind Tian'an'men Gate

Behind Tian’an’men Gate (panorama)

Panorama: Behind Tian'an'men Gate
Panorama: Behind Tian'an'men Gate

I stumbled across some old photos that I took from behind Tian’an’men Gate (just inside the Forbidden City), and thought to re-process them into a panorama.

Left and right: Tian’an’men Gate. Tian’an’men Gate leads to a series of other gates and halls (centre) within the Forbidden City. Photographs were taken in winter 2010/11, when I was still a tourist in my own city 😉 Enjoy!