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Housekeeping Announcements

7x7 link award

Dear bloggers,

Yesterday, jameskennedybeijing surpassed an all-time total of 10,000 views.

I’ve written 125 reviews, received 500 likes and now have 100 WordPress followers (that’s excluding social media sites). While the main purpose of this blog is to keep me motivated to read, it’s also satisfying when bloggers express gratitude for the writing of others.

I received the 7×7 link award a long time ago from photographer ephem (thank you!) but waited 8 months to pass it on. In keeping with the tradition of the award, I’m nominating my seven favourite blogs in no particular order. In keeping with my own tradition, I’ve summarised them all in just 6 words:

  1. Tea Blog — tea culture and practical tea advice
  2. subtlekate — a life more eventful than most
  3. Prof. Jenni Aragon — a dedicated undergraduate advisor’s education blog
  4. Happenance — I like the illustrations here best
  5. The Mad Reviewer — reviews books much faster than me
  6. Hot Chocolate and Books — intelligent teenager who reads a lot
  7. myintelligentlife — please start blogging again…

I know none of these bloggers in person.

Blogs hold people accountable. My blog was a catalyst to get me reading more books, and it worked marvellously. I admire the way that many bloggers use their blogs not just to keep focussed and dedicated to their work, but to share their experiences as well. Comments facilitate this process further.

So keep blogging, keep reading and keep commenting.