I am a British-born VCE Chemistry teacher and textbook author in Melbourne, Australia. I graduated with BA(Hons.) and MSci from the University of Cambridge. My career includes 10 years of chemistry education in independent and international schools overlapping with 7 years of chemistry outreach activities including textbooks, articles and workshops.

  1. Chemistry for VCE textbooks (2023)
  2. Kennedy College (since 2022)
  3. Everything is Natural (2021)
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Chemistry for VCE textbooks (2023)

My two latest books are Chemistry for VCE Units 1–4 published by Oxford University Press. This pair of VCE Chemistry textbooks is written specifically for the new VCE Chemistry Study Design 2023-2027. Forget irrelevant content, this brand new series provides more opportunities to apply and extend understanding of Key Knowledge and Skills.

Kennedy College (since 2022)

Kennedy College is where I run Chemistry headstart programs at evenings and weekends for students in years 7-10. Curricula include IGCSE Chemistry (Cambridge), a custom-made Pre-VCE Chemistry course and VCE Chemistry headstart.

Everything is Natural (2021)

Everything is Natural, published with the Royal Society of Chemistry, explores the history of chemical fears and the recent events that amplified it. It describes how consumers, teachers, doctors, lawmakers and journalists can help make better connections with the public by telling stories that are more engaging about chemistry and materials science. Written in a sympathetic way, this book explains both sides of the argument for anyone with an interest in science.

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