VCE Chemistry Question 9 Collection

Click to download the VCAA Question 9 Collection

Try this VCAA Chemistry Question 9 collection. Question 9 is usually about experimental design.

All these questions are original past VCAA Chemistry Question 9 (experimental design questions) from the current study design. Relevant pages from VCAA’s examination reports are linked below.

Note that the first question in this collection is question 8 because the 2018 NHT paper only had 9 questions in total instead of the usual 10. The next question isn’t exactly related to experimental design, but rather to an experimental cell design. It’s the closest question in the 2019 NHT paper to a question on experimental design.

All the best for the upcoming Chemistry exam!

3 thoughts on “VCE Chemistry Question 9 Collection

  1. Great collection James – I put these into a booklet when we go through key science skills with the EEI – I also include any MCQs that involve errors !

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  2. Thanks James,

    Brilliant idea.

    Cheers, Peppe Di Ciccio

    Peppe Di Ciccio Classroom Teacher 03 9508 2275 De La Salle College acknowledges the traditional custodians of this land, ​paying respect to elders past, present and emerging and to all Aboriginal people. ​

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  3. Excellent work James! I really appreciate being able to see what you’re doing in VCE Chemistry, and what you’re doing for your students as well. I (and other Alberta teachers would) benefit greatly from looking at the VCE curriculum (Units 1, 2, 3, and 4), which appears to be much more advanced in many respects compared to our current curricula for Chemistry 20 (grade 11) and Chemistry 30 (grade 12). Indeed, in many ways, it looks as advanced as (if not even moreso than) the AP and IB curricula that I’m familiar with, and A-Level Chemistry curricula that I’m gradually becoming familiar with as I explore chemistry teaching in the UK. All the best to you in your present and future endeavours. (Clayton Walls, Calgary, Alberta, Canada:

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