Films I Watched in May 2012

Self-explanatory. Six words each.
  1. Das Leben der Anderen — Renegade spy saves lives in USSR.
  2. Elephant White — Bangkok is a mess. Don’t go.
  3. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close — Book’s about Asperger’s. Film’s about family.
  4. Fight Club — Change your life via schizophrenic hallucination.
  5. Rogue — Giant crocodile leaves tourists stranded. Aaagh!
  6. Trust — Always understand technology better than children.

Click here for more 6-word reviews.


3 thoughts on “Films I Watched in May 2012

    1. Of course this isn’t the first time. I’ve seen it about ten times, and read the book twice.

      Fight Club changes every time you watch it. And every line is perfectly written. The entire film is a collection of quotes!

      I’m pleased that you’re a fan, too.


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