My T-Shirt Store is Now Open!

Love Science? Show off your love of “organic” chemistry with an Ingredients T-Shirt from James Kennedy Clothing. All our T-shirts are made in Australia. Priced from just $15.95 each.

Visit our store here:

James Kennedy Clothing T-Shirt Store
Click the image to visit the official “All-Natural Ingredients” Store

Just 10 days after it was created, the Ingredients of an All-Natural Banana was already the third most Reddited post of all time on Reddit Chemistry.

They were downloaded 7,000 times last week from this website alone.

I didn’t intend to make any more of these images. Three was enough. But I decided to take this Ingredients theme a bit further after I saw how widely they’d been circulated on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and various other social media sites—many of which are in foreign languages—and none of which, I use.

So welcome to the Store. There’ll be more products coming soon if people like what’s already up there. I welcome your feedback as always. James 🙂


4 thoughts on “My T-Shirt Store is Now Open!

  1. Congratulations James – what a great idea to turn these into shirts. I have been enjoying the ingredients series, and indeed have posted links on FB! Great concept, I hope you do well.


  2. As a Biologist, specialized in organic chemistry/biochemistry I should say I LOVE YOU! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G job! 😀 For real, man!! 😀 I wish you the best of the bestest regards. Keep it up.


    1. Thanks! My background is quite similar: Biology with Biochem/Organic as a speciality. I now teach Chemistry, and I strive to give Chemistry the positivity and relevance that Biology already enjoys (or possibly more of it). 🙂


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