Ingredients of an All-Natural Lemon

ingredients of a Lemon ENGLISH chemistry infographic

10 thoughts on “Ingredients of an All-Natural Lemon

    1. LOL! You are the first person to notice any spelling mistakes in these posters and they’ve been around since late 2013. There are more spelling mistakes in the banana poster but nobody has noticed yet. Does that mean that nobody – even scientists – don’t read ingredients labels?


  1. I get migraine headaches whenever I ingest orange or lemon products, weather i knew at the time or not. Otherwise I don’t. So I avoid lemon and get it by accident and have migraines 3 or 4 times a year. Recently I started taking celery seed, and have had two migraines in the past week. I noticed they have a similar “bitter” flavor, and wondered if they have some chemicals in common.


    1. Three major volatile chemicals that lemon and celery seeds both have in common are (1) limonene; (2) linalool; and (3) β-pinene. The former two are found in many foods; the third one is a bit rarer.


      1. Hey, thank you for these nice posters. What’s the method of analysis used to make these ingredient lists? Thank you in advance, Vassi


  2. I wish I could simply copy and paste the text, mate. There are very few people who make me want to scream, but chemical-phobes are right up there (along with anti-vaxxers, climate change deniers, creationists, vegans and religiots). Was just looking at shower gel on Amazon (not much choice in the current situation) and, having horrible problem skin, I have to be very careful what I buy (and, yes, I realise that natural doesn’t equal problem free, but I usually have better luck with things that are plant-derived), and this was the first review for the shower gel made by the same people who make my favourite shampoo and conditioner.

    “Too many chemicals, so not natural

    Unfortunately this range of products have too many ingredients that i cant pronounce the names of. For me this means the products contain chemicals therefore not natural. Where does sodium benzoate derive from? and that is just one of the ingredients that shouldn’t be used in a natural product.
    I wont be using this and i will not be buying faith in nature products again.”

    I bet if someone posted the dihydrogen monoxide joke on FB she’d share it with her entire friend list. I was going to paste the ingredients of a lemon as a comment (not that she’d ever have seen it, but just to make a point). Have you ever done the ‘ingredients’ of a human (or would that be too complicated)…? I’d love to attempt to scare a chemical-phobe out of their own skin – literally! 😂


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